Snail cream history

Snail Cream History and Origin

The medicinal use of snail slime dates back as far as 400 BC in ancient Greece, where the classical physician Hippocrates prescribed crushed snails as a way to combat inflammation of the skin. It is also known that the ancient Greeks used to ingest snail smile as a treatment for a number of other ailments, from gastrointestinal ulcers to coughs.

Modern snail cream history

The history of modern day snail slime cream began in the 1960’s when the healing properties of snail slime were discovered by Spanish oncologist Rafael Abad, completely by accident, back in the 1960’s. He conducted experiments on snails with radiation therapy, the same therapy used to treat cancer, and observed that the snails would secrete slime with a different composition than they usually did. This slime increased the snail’s ability to heal and repair themselves, countering the effects of the radiation therapy they had been exposed to. Rafael later tested the snail slime on human skin, finding that it had similar healing effects.

Later in 1980 a family-run snail farm in Chile stumbled across the benefits of snail slime on human skin. They discovered these completely by chance, as the family we’re intending to farm snails to be eaten in Europe before they discovered the smoothing effect snail slime had on their farm workers hands. The first commercial snail cream brands to come to market was Elicina snail cream, back in 1995.

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Although popular throughout South America, Korea and Japan, snail cream is a relatively new and unknown addition to the range of skin care products used throughout Europe. Snail cream first made the headlines when it was reported that Katie Holmes was the first celebrity to swear by the benefits of snail cream, revealing it as her secret to a smooth and youthful complexion.

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