Purebess Snail School Gel Cream

Purebess Snail School Gel Cream
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Purebess snail school gel cream is made of 90% snail slime extract and 10% additional excipients, giving it one of the highest snail secretion filtrate content of any snail gel or cream currently on the market.

It doesn’t include all the weird and wonderful, gimmicky active ingredients that many other snail slime cosmetics typically include. Instead, Purebess has decided to give you a basic, non-nonsense cream with a high snail slime content, something that makes it one of our top 3 best snail gels on the market.

That being said, it does include a number of additional ingredients, such as aloe vera, althaea rosea (hollyhock), human oilgo peptide-1 (EGF) and tremella fuciformis, giving it anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

This Purebess snail gel does not only have one of the highest snail slime content of other snail creams and gels, but it’s also one of the cheapest, making it great value for money.


  • Contains 90% snail extract
  • It’s hypoallergenic
  • Simple, gimmick-free ingredients with a high snail extract content
  • Easily absorbed into the skin, leaving skin matte
  • Inexpensive product, offering great value


  • Not moisturising enough to be used on it’s on, so you’ll need to use it with an additional moisturiser

User Reviews

… not sure if its reducing the wrinkles but I love the feel, 15 October 2015

This makes my skin feel fabulous – not sure if its reducing the wrinkles but I love the feel.

Fabulous…, 9 September 2015

Love ,love love…Will buy again, sinks into skin and leaves no trace, great for age spots..!

Good product, good price, 30 July 2015

Good product in good price,perfect under mineral make up.

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This product is unscented so doesn’t really smell of anything.


It’s a clear gel that spreads easily on the skin and takes no more than a few seconds to be absorbed into the skin, leaving the skin matte. It’s very light, so light that it may not be suitable to use on it’s own, so you may want to use it on top of an additional moisturising product.


It’s not moisturising enough on it’s own, so you’ll likely need to be use it with an additional moisturiser.


Apply a small, pea-sized amount of the gel after using your usual moisturiser to the neck and face. Do this after cleansing, as part of your usual skin care regime, either in the morning, evening, or both.


Purebess snail school gel cream has a snail extract content of 90%, an ingredient rich in Hyaluronic acid, Glyoclic acid, Allantoin, as well as Collagen and Elastin. In addition to snail slime, it also includes the following active ingredients:

Tremella fuciformis: A type of fungus popular in Chinese medicine and cuisine. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, and also helps the to brighten the skin, as well as helping it to better retain moister

Human Oilgo Peptide-1: Also know as EGF, it helps to reduce the appearance of scars and speckles by improving the skin’s texture, as well as helping to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin by promoting cell growth.

Althaea Rosea: Also known as common hollyhock, it has emollient, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to keep the skin in general good health and is particular useful in treating flare-ups of common skin conditions, such as Acne, Rosacea and other problems.

Aloe Vera Leaf Extract: It is a moisturiser, anti-irritant and has anti-bacterial properties, making it useful for rejuvenating, soothing and healing the skin, as well as helping to lessen the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis flare-ups