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Mizon all in one snail repair cream is the number 1 selling snail cream in Korea and contains 92% snail extract and 8% excipients, making all in one snail repair cream the highest in snail extract content from the Mizon snail cream range. This cream also contains a number of plant extracts, adding additional antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Unlike some other popular snail creams, Mizon snail cream contains a moisturiser, however some people, particularly those with dry skin, may find that this isn’t enough on it’s own and will use an additional moisturising product to compensate for this.

This cream is one of our favourites, being ranked in our top 3 picks for both the best Korean snail creams and best snail creams overall.


  • Easy to apply, quickly absorbed and lightweight
  • Leaves the skin feeling silky smooth with a matte finish
  • Inoffensive, neutral scent that is faint, and not overpowering
  • Good coverage, making it effective at hiding redness and acne scarring when applied
  • Works well with sensitive skin and shouldn’t cause breakouts


  • It’s not as moisturising as you’d think. You’ll find you’ll want to use an additional moisturising product.
  • Needs to be applied generously, meaning that it doesn’t last that long
  • Doesn’t brighten the face as much as some other products in the same price range

User Reviews

good stuff!, 20 July 2015

I received. Item 4 days but l have been traveling with no internet connection hence the delay. Product is amazing even after just using it for a week. Thank you

Five Stars, 10 July 2015

I love this face cream, it is not greasy doenst cause any spots but makes your skin tighter.

Four Stars, 1 August 2015

Good but it leaves my skin is a bit dried


When you first smell this snail cream in the pot you’ll notice a rather strong smell of alcohol. However, don’t be put off by this, as once it’s applied this cream has more of a floral scent that’s quite pleasant.


Mizon all in one snail repair cream has a soft, thin texture. It’s consistency is watery at first, but after it’s spread and is absorbed it leaves your skin feeling soft and matte. It’s lightweight, and doesn’t leave any stickiness, greasiness or residue.


Mizon snail cream does contain a moisturiser, however for some skin type, specifically dry and oily skin, may not find that the moisture it provides will last all day and may which to use an additional moisturising product.


Use Mizon all in one snail repair cream on your face or body, applying a small amount to the area twice a day after cleansing. Applying an additional moisturising product if necessary.


Mizon all in one snail repair cream is 92% snail secretion filtrate, which is composed of Allantoin, Collagen and Elastin, Hyaluronic acid and Glyoclic acid. The remaining 8% of Mizon all in one snail repair cream contains the following active ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid: It’s a natural compound found in the skin that is essential for numerous important functions that include cushioning, moisture retention, tissue repair, binding collagen and elastin together, and protecting the skin from micro-organisms

Beta Glucan: It’s a natural compound that is extract from plants. It’s main benefit is that it helps to give the skin a more youthful appearance and has both wound healing and scar tissue repairing properties. Beta glucan also helps to protect the skin from bacterial and viral infections as it forms an additional protective outer layer on the skin when applied. It also helps to promote collagen and elastin production, two proteins that are essential for skin regeneration and repair

Adenosine: This ingredient penetrates deep into the skin, helping to prevent new wrinkles and lessen the appearance of those that you already have. It’s been shown to be most effective at reducing the appearance of peri orbital wrinkles (crow’s feet) and glabellar wrinkles (frown lines). It works by increasing the protection of dermal fibroblast proteins, namely elastin and collagen, which are important components of the skin and vital for repair and regeneration of it

Centella Asiatica Extract: This ingredient is commonly found in many skin creams. It’s a herb that has shown to be particularly useful in wound healing and lessening the appearance of scars, including stretch marks. It’s also been found to be effective on reducing the appearance of varicose veins

Dimethicone: It’s a skin conditioning agent. When applied to the skin it works to form an additional outer layer that seals in moisture, keeping the skin hydrated. This outer layer also gives a skin a nice smooth appearance and feel and also provides protection to your skin from the elements

Copper tripeptide-1: It’s been proven to increase collagen and elastin production, two proteins that are vital for skin regeneration and repair. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties