Korean Skincare Guide


Korean Skincare Guide

Whether it’s the now infamous 10-step beauty routine you’ve read routinely praised in the beauty press, the buzz around innovative ingredients and products, such as snail creams and BB creams, or the weird and wonderful selection of products that comprise the body of K-beauty products, it’s certain that K-beauty, particularly Korean skincare, has firmly made its mark on the cosmetics industry. While good skincare isn’t something that is inherent to any particular place on the globe with all sorts of products, both good and bad, being sold everywhere you look, the Korean skincare regime does have its differences, something which has made in an increasingly popular favourite for women worldwide. Korean skincare is all about taking a multi-step approach to skincare, often of 10 steps or more in a single, daily routine. Rather than an over reliance on the sort of all-in-one products that likely form the bulk of your skincare regime at the moment, Korean women prefer to put an emphasis on separate, distinct targeted skincare treatments, followed by a strict, daily use of sunscreen, whatever the weather. While a Korean skincare routine can seem overwhelming at first, due to the sheer number of steps it involves, you’ll soon notice the similarities and differences between this type of skincare regime and your current one, particularly when it comes to comparing the current range of skincare products you use. For example, if your daily skincare routine already consists of a cleanser, exfoliant, makeup remover, moisturiser and serum, you’re already on the right path and will find that Korean skincare regimes is simply composed of variations on these products that you’re already familiar with, with slight differences in the texture and delivery method. In this guide we’ll take a closer look at some of the more common steps in a typical Korean skincare routine, along with whether it works and what makes Korean skincare so different to what we’re used to in the Western world.

Our Favourite Korean Skincare Products

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Why Korean Skincare?