TonyMoly Snail Creams

TonyMoly Snail Creams

TonyMoly is a premium Korean cosmetic brand founded back in 2006, that prides it’s self on offering natural, organic and eco-friendly ingredients, along with a comitment to no animal testing. Each product in the TonyMoly product range is designed to be cheeky, fun and stylish, something which has been keen to the wide spread popularity of the brand, both in Korean and throughout Asia.

The brand’s name is a compound of two words – “Tony”, meaning “nice appearance” in English, and “Moly”, which means “flourishing” in Japanese, which is what the company aims to do for it’s customer base, helping them to keep their skin as youthful, healthy and beautiful.

TonyMoly’s flagship snail slime cream is their TonyMoly Intense Care Gold 24K Snail Cream, a product that is billed as being the absolute in high quality, premium snail secretion filtrate skin care. In addition to their snail creams, TonyMoly offer a wide range of cosmetics and beauty products, including creams, lotions, makeups, facepacks and numbers others.

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