SecretKey Snail Creams

SecretKey Snail Creams

SecretKey is a cosmetics brand based in Korea that was founded back in 2006 with the launch of their original SecretKey BB cream, a product that found popularity both domestically in Korea and throughout Asia. Their motto is “a key opening the beauty which is founded in nature”, a motto that indicates the brand’s commitment to using all-natural, organic ingredients in their range of products.

The brand is widely available for purchases in physical retail stores and eCommerce sites throughout much if Asia, including Japan, China, Hong Kong and of course, Korea. In addition to it’s popularity throughout Asia, Secret Key cosmetics are also available throughout the world, notably in countries that include Russia, Ukraine and Kuwait, through a number of strategic distribution partnerships.

Although less well-know throughout the West, where SecretKey products are available only online, the brand is expecting to see significant growth throughout Europe and the US over the next few years, thanks to the brand’s strategy to expand into these key cosmetic markets.

SecretKey’s flagship product is their SecretKey Black Snail Original Cream, a product that has been a hit with consumers both in Korea and internationally. In addition to their line of snail slime creams, SecretKey offer a wide range of cosmetic and skincare products, including face masks, eye creams, hand creams and moisturisers, among others.

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