ElishaCoy Snail Cream

ElishaCoy Snail Cream

ElishaCoy is a European-styled all-organic, all-natural Korean snail cream brand, offering a wide range of products that include snail BB creams, essence creams, mask sheets, mineral powders, scrub masks and a whole lot more. Founded back in 2007, the brand really took off when it went on sale in Japan on the same year, becoming one of the country’s favourite Korean snail cream brands and is now available in over 700 retail stores throughout Japan.

The brand’s name comes from the marriage of two words, the first; Elisha, comes from Hebrew and translates to “my God is salvation”, while the second; Coy, as an acronym for “Creation of Youth”. By putting these words together, ElishaCoy makes a bold statement right off the bat, that it’s products are your salvation for youthful looking skin.

ElishaCoy’s flagship snail cream is it’s ElishaCoy skin repairing snail cream, a product that’s certified by the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) and a popular snail cream with consumers throughout asia, being one of the best seller and most recognisable snail creams on the market.

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ElishaCoy Snail Creams

ElishaCoy skin repairing snail cream

ElishaCoy skin repairing snail cream
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