Elicina Snail Cream

Elicina Snail Cream

Elicina is a family run cosmetics producer based in Chile, who specialise exclusively in snail creams. They’re responsible for giving the world the very first snail slime cream, having discovered the properties of snail slime completely by accident.

In 1980, the Bascunan family bred and farmed snails for export to the French food market. It was only later, when farm hands who worked for the family on their snail farm, started to notice that the slime secreted by snails had a smoothing effect on their hands. It took a further 15 years for the family to develop snail slime into a commercial, consumer-ready cosmetic cream, giving life to the Elicina brand.

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Elicina’s hallmark product is it’s Elicina original crema de caracol snail cream, the first snail cream available on the market. In addition to their original cream, Elicina have released a number of other products, including Elicina Plus, the latest iteration of their original snail cream, along with a number of other lotions, mosturisers and masks.

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Elicina Crema de Caracol Snail Cream

Elicina snail cream
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