Missha Sees Significant 19% Growth in January Sales

Missha Sees Significant 19% Growth in January Sales

Korean budget cosmetics and snail cream brand Missha, the same brand behind the popular Missha super aqua cell renew snail cream product line, has seen a surprising growth in it’s sales for the start of this year after releasing a new collection that features popular local Line Friends characters.

According to the brand’s parent company, Able C&C, Missha’s sales saw an increase of 19% in January compared to a year ago, helping the brand to begin recovering from a slump seen in sales for Q4 2015. The brand have put down the increase in sales to the contribution of it’s all-new Line Friends edition cosmetics, a product line which has become significantly popular since it’s launch.

Missha release the Line Friends edition back on Jan 12th and has been consistently selling out in what is being described as a rare phenomenon for the budget cosmetics brand.

The Line Friends product line is the latest in a string of Missha products, including a number of Missha snail creams, that have featured popular characters in recent months, with characters such as Betty Boop and Wonder Women which consumers have failed to respond well do, according to sources at the company.

The brand’s Line Friends collection consists 12 different types of product, with a total of 33 different items in the range that includes air cushions, hand lotions, lipsticks and eye shadows, all of which are available both throughout Korea and worldwide, via a number of online retailers.