K-beauty Retailers Vying For Traction With Chinese Bloggers

China’s largest Korean skincare and K-beauty retailers are queuing up in a big to lure Chinese bloggers to help review and promote their products, offering a range of sponsored partnerships in an all-new outreach campaign, according to reports from Korean news outlet JoongAng Daily. Aekyung, a Korean brand that offers a range of cosmetics and other consumer goods, recently hosted a group of China’s most prominent bloggers last month, inviting them to trial a number of the company’s cosmetic products, covering the bloggers expenses for the duration of the 3-day event. “The number of the combined followers of the 10 bloggers is five million,” said Kang Young-bok, Head of Marketing at Aekyung. Adding that “About 150 million people online browse 10 communities frequented by the bloggers.” Shingsegae and Lotte, two of China’s biggest department stores, are also getting in on the act, with the latter of the two holding an annual event that invites selected Chinese bloggers to shop at their stores throughout the country. “Word-of-mouth marketing works well with Chinese consumers,” a spokesperson for the retailer said. “A blogger who was invited last October uploaded a post about the visit to Lotte Department Store in Sogong-dong, and it attracted over three million views. The exposure rate of the bloggers’ posts is five times as much as that of other advertising methods.” they added. China’s blogosphere has become big business, with numerous marketing agencies starting up to provide representation for well-known bloggers who can drive as many as 100 million views from a single product review, helping them to secure partnership deals with many well-know brands, including LG Household & Health Care.