Diversity of K-beauty Key to Growing Worldwide Success

K-beauty is all about attaining a fresh, natural look that is complimented by a flawles complexion. This coveted look has led to a significant increase in demand for K-beauty cosmetics with consumers worldwide, with the multi-functional and innovative nature of Korean beauty products and their ingredients, such as the extremely popular snail creams, making them some of the bestselling cosmetics and skincare products globally. The hype that surrounds K-beauty has led to steady growth of Korean cosmetics exports, particularly skincare products that account for over half of all exported cosmetics, reaching a total of 2.4 billion US dollars last year – a figure that has increased threefold within the past 5 years. With the prospect of growth high in the sector, numerous start-ups and challenger brands have emerged throughout Korea, each looking to compete with some of the more established names on the market, such as It’s Skin, Mizon, TONYMOLY, by offering their own take on the sector’s successful formula of combining high-quality, innovative ingredients, with competitive, low-prices. “The beauty industry is a little behind in Southeast Asian countries, so local vendors are eager to work with up and coming brands, rather than just importing large, established ones.” In fact, the growth in popularity of K-beauty products has led to a number of online etailers and brand consultants sprouting up, all designed specifically to help smaller Korean brands launch onto the global market. “There are quality brands out there that just need support in marketing, to bridge the gap between Korean manufacturers and the market in the states where we come in as Glow Recipe, the brand incubator.” And Korean companies aren’t the only ones benefiting from the growth in K-beauty. There are also a number of international brands jumping onto the bandwagon, with companies such as this one which offers a line of products that infuse the best of K-beauty and traditional French cosmetics. “Korean women have beautiful skin and I just wanted to bring this knowledge of perfect skin to the world. So basically, we take the powerful Korean ingredients and push them through French technology and French design and French sensuality.” With an ever increasing number of brands and product lines inspired by a wide array of facets of K-Beauty, the sector is seeing it’s products take hold throughout the globe, moving away from the experimental and becoming a beauty staple of consumers worldwide.