7 Reasons Snail Slime Is Great For Your Hair

7 Reasons Snail Slime Is Great For Your Hair

Snail slime has been a long kept beauty secret of women from the Dominican republic, having used it in their beauty regimes for generations long before snail slime found its way into commercial products such as snail creams and snail gels. It’s used by these women for everything from skin and scalp problems to hair care, being responsible for the pristine, healthy hair that Dominican women are known for.

In this post we’ll go through 7 reasons why snail slime is so good for your hair and why it’s worth considering including it into your own hair care regime.

1. Snail slime helps to seal in moisture

Snail’s use their secretion to keep themselves hydrated, which is why it’s such a useful, natural ingredient for sealing in moisture. Studies have shown that applying snail slime to human skin does lead to better moisture retention, keeping the skin far better hydrated with it than without. Snail slime is composed primarily of water, as much as 90%, with the remaining 10% being natural proteins and polymers, all of which are useful in repairing and rejuvenating our skin.

2. Snail slime helps to protect hair from damage

The complex mix of proteins, micronutrients and glycolic acids that snail slim is composed works to protect the snail’s own fragile skin from damage, infection and UV rays. These ingredients and properties of snail slime has been shown to have similar effects on our own hair. Studies have also shown that snail slime may be helpful in protecting the skin and hair from free radicals.

These properties are particularly useful for Dominican women, whose hair is exposed to strong UV rays from the Caribbean sun for prolonged periods of time.

3. Snail slime soothes and repairs the scalp

The benefits of snail slime have been known to include soothing and healing properties since ancient times, with many of the world’s classic and antiquated civilisations using it in traditional medicine to speed up healing of wounds, prevent scarring and to treat skin infections and burns.

These properties of snail slime make it particular useful in treating a stressed, inflamed scalp, particularly for scalps that have been exposed to damaging heat or chemical burns.

4. Snail slime softens and smooths hair

Snail mucus encases strands of hair in a smooth, sealing layer that fills in cracks and smooths over rough sections, working to improve jagged or bumpy sections of hair, leaving it looking silky and healthy, irrespective of your hair type.

5. Snail slime makes hair easier to detangle

Snail slime is composed of a highly fluid, translucent secretion, which can work as a lubricant on your hair, helping it to slide more easily from place to place, smoothing the hair and preventing it from becoming tangled. This makes it easier to detangle your hair using a comb or brush.

6. Snail slime leaves hair looking glossy

Snail slime leaves your hair with a smooth, glossy coating, which helps your hair to better reflect light, giving it a beautiful gleam that leaves your hair looking flawless.

7. Snail slime gives better curl definition

You probably know that snail slime is a sticky substance, and it’s precisely this stickiness that can lead to better curl definition.

Snail slime is actually a blend of two distinct types of mucus, the first being a more watery, lubricating substance, that snails use to help them move about, and the second being the adhesive-like gel that gives it its stickiness. This then helps to meld together individual curly fibres, leading to more pronounced curls.