AmorePacific Exerting Greater Influence at Korean Duty Free Stores, Thanks to Domestic Sales Surge

Leading cosmetics and snail cream manufacturer AmorePacific is exerting greater influence over domestic duty free stores throughout Korea as it’s range of beauty products become a must-buy with Chinese and other Asian tourists, according to industry experts. Sales of AmorePacific products have have grown so significantly that they have no greatly surpassed those of leading luxury foreign brands Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton at Korea’s major duty free outlet stores. Doota and a number of other newly opened duty free stores have reported having trouble in attracting AmorePacific shops and concession stands due to the brand’s greater bargaining power on the back of a surge in sales.… Read more

AmorePacific Reach Out To Cancer Patients With Beauty Services

AmorePacific, the company behind some of the leading Korean skincare brands and snail cream products on the market, kicked off this year’s “Makeup Your Life” campaign last month, at the Samsung Medical Center located in Southern Seoul. The campaign, which is schedule to run twice this year – the first begun last month and runs up until the end of July and will run against between September and November, offers a range of beauty programmes and make-up services for women who had either undergone chemotherapy or surgery as part of their cancer treatment at one of 35 hospitals in and around Seoul, Korean.… Read more

Missha Launch Line Friends Range Throughout Asia

Missha, the popular Korean skincare and snail cream brand, have launched their Line Friends cosmetics range throughout Asia, offering it for sale in 12 different countries, according to the brand’s operator Able C&C. The Line Friends line features 10 signature characters from Naver’s messenger app Line, an app that’s available and increasingly popular throughout the region, having a significant install base in Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. The brand will be offering between 10 and 70 different products from the Line range in each country, with the total number per country depending on local market conditions.… Read more

K-beauty Retailers Vying For Traction With Chinese Bloggers

China’s largest Korean skincare and K-beauty retailers are queuing up in a big to lure Chinese bloggers to help review and promote their products, offering a range of sponsored partnerships in an all-new outreach campaign, according to reports from Korean news outlet JoongAng Daily. Aekyung, a Korean brand that offers a range of cosmetics and other consumer goods, recently hosted a group of China’s most prominent bloggers last month, inviting them to trial a number of the company’s cosmetic products, covering the bloggers expenses for the duration of the 3-day event.… Read more

TONYMOLY Moves Focus to China, Targets KRW260 Billion In Chinese Sales This Year

Korean skincare brand TONYMOLY, the same brand behind some of the most popular snail creams on the market, is looking to further capitalise on the growing popularity of K-beauty among Chinese consumers this year, after parting ways with local distribution partner, Shanghai Unique Information Technology Co. “We plan to focus on our business in China this year, as we have concluded the two-year legal dispute with our local distributor,” said Bae Hae-dong, TONYMOLY Chairman, at a recent press event. The brand have set itself some very ambitions sales targets for China in 2016, with the company hoping to make in excess of KRW260 billion this year, which would be a significant stepping stone towards it’s plan to reach a worldwide sales total of KRW2 trillion before the end of 2025.… Read more

Doosan Group Opens Korea’s First Overnight Duty-Free Store

Doosan Group, the operator of Korea’s largest duty free stores, have opened it’s first overnight duty-free store in Dongdaemun, Eastern Seoul, a move that it hopes will bring more tourists through its doors. The store, which is the first overnight duty-free store of it’s kind in Korea, opening from 11pm to 2am, and occupies seven of the nine-story Doosan Tower Building, totaling some 16,825 square meters of floor space and offering over 500 different brands. As part of it’s push to entice tourists to shop at the store, an official for Doota Duty Free said that the store will pay for transportation expenses to visit the store and will give night-time shoppers a 5% discount on all purchases.… Read more

Mizon Wins Beauty Mentor’s Choice Aware at this years Asia Beauty Awards

Mizon, the popular Korean skincare and snail cream brand, won the Beauty Mentor’s Choice Aware at this year’s Asia Beauty Awards, held in Shanghai on May 19th. The awards were organised by the Asian Center Commission, Miss First International and Shanghai IDEA, and was hosted by both Phoenix New Media and bntworld. The award ceremony was setup to recognise international beauty brands and products that have seen significant success within China’s domestic market, as well as to help consumers better evaluate and select products that are of innovative, and of the highest quality.… Read more

Korean Manufacturers Thriving in Chinese Market

Korean manufacturers have seen rapid growth within China on the back of the boom in K-beauty and K-pop culture, along with advances in the production technology they utilise to make their products and their use of innovative ingredients, such as in their popular snail extract creams, according to industry insiders. Chinese cosmetics brands have worked to expand upon their partnerships with Korean original design manufacturers (ODMs), a type of company that provides brands with whitelabel products. Cosmax Co., the leading ODM in Korea, has produced cosmetics within China and have so far supplied the products that they manufacturer to at least 150 domestic Chinese brands.… Read more

Diversity of K-beauty Key to Growing Worldwide Success

K-beauty is all about attaining a fresh, natural look that is complimented by a flawles complexion. This coveted look has led to a significant increase in demand for K-beauty cosmetics with consumers worldwide, with the multi-functional and innovative nature of Korean beauty products and their ingredients, such as the extremely popular snail creams, making them some of the bestselling cosmetics and skincare products globally. The hype that surrounds K-beauty has led to steady growth of Korean cosmetics exports, particularly skincare products that account for over half of all exported cosmetics, reaching a total of 2.4 billion US dollars last year – a figure that has increased threefold within the past 5 years.… Read more

TONYMOLY Set To Lead K-Beauty March Across Globe With Aggressive Expansion Strategy

TONYMOLY, one of Korea’s fastest growing brands and manufacturers of some of the most popular snail extract creams in the market, have emerged as an industry leader for the K-beauty sector, spearheading the industries expansion around the world. The brand, which went public in July of last year, has so far successfully established a foothold in both the US and Europe over the last few years. Now they plan to mobilize the bulk of their resources to aggressively expand throughout China and Southeast Asia as part of their strategy to become the leading player in the K-beauty sector.… Read more